3.3.0 Release Notes

3.3.0 Release Notes

Our newest release, v3.3.0, is designed to make it easier for your bidders to navigate through your auctions! We’ve also added some enhancements to our marketplace tier plan’s functionality and fixed a few minor bugs. Read on to see what’s new!


Enhancements to Marketplace Functionality: To assist our marketplace customers, we’ve made a few changes to our platform that makes it easier than ever to run your marketplace, from collecting payment to archiving sub-houses that are no longer in use! For a full list of our marketplace changes, check out our Auctioneer Handbook.

Removal of “House Analytics”: Due to a lack of use, we have removed the “View House Analytics” beta feature from the Auctioneer Dashboard. Auctioneers can still view analytics such as View Count, Registered Bidders, and Reports on a catalog to catalog basis.

Discontinuation of AuctionLook and BirdDog Syndications: Both our AuctionLook and Birddog syndication features have been removed from the SAE application for the forseeable future.


Restore “Featured Photos” to Listings Tab – Fixed a bug which forced the auctioneer to set a featured photo on the Listings tab for a catalog to show a featured photo. Functionality has been restored so that the first photo uploaded to the listing is now automatically assigned as the Featured Photo.

Change Default Item Count Options – By popular request, we’ve enhanced the bidder’s ability to view more items per page by default! Our previous default was 15 items per page; now your bidders will automatically see 50 items per page, even on mobile devices. We’ve also added the ability to view up to 100 items per page in a catalog. To change your item view count, all you’ll need to do is click to dropdown menu that says “Show: 50” in a catalog and change it to “Show: 100”.

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