Version 2.6 Release Notes

Version 2.6 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine is constantly building improvements into our application and we’re excited to announce the newest additions. This recent update contains stability and performance improvements, along with photo editing optimization. In case you haven’t had a chance to test the latest software, we’ve compiled a few highlights.

What’s New

Auctioneer Description

Listings already contain a variety of places to provide useful and necessary information about an auction. However, we wanted to create a place to highlight special information that may be seen at a glance (pick up times & dates, partnerships, auctioneer name, etc.). An editable text field has been provided for this on the Manage Catalog page. After saving and publishing this information, it will be viewable by the public on both the auctioneer’s homepage and within the listing itself, underneath the name and time frame of the auction.


Photo Editing

When it comes to auction photography, the appearance of professionalism goes a long way. We understand the importance of this, so we made it easier for you to edit photo uploads. Whether you want to rotate photos or crop images, this is now an easy fix.
-Photo rotation:  Previously, photos were only able to be rotated 90°s before needing the page to be refreshed to show and save changes. This is no longer an issue. Rotate as many times as needed and finish by pressing Save. There are zero loading times in between each rotation.
-Cropping: Quickly trim a photo to the desired dimensions and save it at an appropriate size. This is now found next to all other photo editing tools, making it that much easier for you to use everything in your photo editing toolbox. Unhappy with the thought of cropping the photo after you’ve made a cropping selection? That’s no problem. Next to it, there is a “Clear Selection” button, which will clear the image of the selected dimensions.
-Save button: The photo editor now lets you save your progress at any point during your photo editing process so you can try something different and easily revert back if you change your mind.


We’re happy to report we’re moving our customers to more reliable servers that will help prevent service interruptions and enable speedier upload times. Our first step in this process is to migrate all customer photos. A customer service team member will contact you to let you know when this will be scheduled for your auction house.

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