Version 2.4 Release Notes

Version 2.4 Release Notes

SAE v2.4.0 brings with it some amazing additions to our auctioneering toolkit! From a language translator built into your website, to a fantastic new payment processor, we’ve given our auctioneers the ability to easily engage with (and accept payment from) bidders around the globe!

And as always, this release includes new enhancements and feature requests, made by our auctioneers and bidders.

So now that we’ve got you all revved up and ready to auction, let’s take a look at what’s under the hood!

Major Features:


TSYS & Authorize.Net Payment Integration


While we’ll continue to offer the services of Stripe and PayPal to our auctioneers, SAE is excited to announce that the TSYS payment processor is now an available option within the Sharp Auction Engine platform!


While TSYS is just as secure as our current processors, it allows our auctioneers to accept payment without fear of censure for firearms, munitions, and other commercial weaponry of almost any age, design, or origin. (Of course, we still recommend checking with TSYS if you feel your items could be in violation of their user agreement… better safe than sorry!) TSYS also has the added benefit of a dedicated Support Center phone number.


Deleting a Payment Processor


Of course, after adding TSYS, we also needed to add the ability to safely remove a payment processor from your website. Deleting a payment processor will also delete every bidder’s payment information.


NOTE: This means that all bidders will need to re-enter payment information if required.


Because this is such a sensitive area of data, we have made this an “in-house” only feature.  If for whatever reason you wish to switch payment processors, you’ll need to contact a Sharp Auction Engine representative to begin the process. A representative will assist you in deleting your payment processor and advise you as to the best way to inform your bidders of the need to re-enter payment info. You can reach of to us by emailing, or call us at 256-261-3159 from 9am-5pm CST!


Integrated Language Translator


While it’s not revolutionary, this integration still brings with it a world of difference! A full translation of any web page is now available without leaving your SAE website! Simply select your preferred language and the translator will take care of the rest. And the best part is it’s only translating the page for YOU. 100 different people could be reading the terms and conditions of your site in 100 different languages at the same time… How cool is that??


CoF Single-Item


Since v2.2, SAE users have been able to conduct an auction online and on-site at the same time (also known as a “simulcast” auction) using our Clerk on the Fly (CoF) feature. Through CoF, the auctioneer or their staff can quickly place on-site bids on behalf of their on-site bidders. However, until recently, CoF was only available for multiple-item listings. Now, CoF can be used for single-item auctions, making it more convenient than ever to conduct your auctions how YOU want to!


As the auctioneer, all you’ll need to do is log in and navigate to your “Listings” tab. From there, click the “Manage Items” button and you’ll be able to CoF any item on your entire site!


For more information about Clerk on the Fly, we invite you to read our Single-Item CoF support article, or give us a call!


MaxBid/Bid Button Changes


As always, we’ve also taken care to improve the bidder experience in this release! Now, as a winning bidder, the “Bid” button will be removed from view. This means a winning bidder can only place a MaxBid (to try to protect their winning status should someone attempt to outbid them). We hope this implementation will prevent any confusion or frustration due to a bidder accidentally outbidding themselves.

Minor Features:


Global Auction Guide Syndication


At SAE, we understand that you’re trying to build YOUR brand, YOUR way! If you’ve got a both a Global Auction Guide account and a Sharp Auction Engine website, you can choose to syndicate your listings. This means that any listing you create through SAE will also be automatically available to view through Global Auction Guide!


Shipping Calculator Updates


To make conducting online personal property auctions easier, Sharp Auction Engine has improved our shipping estimate calculator (available through our partnership with UPS). Get accurate shipping estimates, no matter what type of shipping your bidders select!


As the auctioneer, all you’ll need to do is add the weight and location of your item. As long as your bidders have their street address saved to their account (you can make this a mandatory requirement to bid), they’ll be able to see shipping estimates for any item they choose!


Added Hover Hint to Max Bid button


To avoid confusion due to our MaxBid and Bid button changes, we’ve also added a hover hint to the MaxBid button. The hover hint is viewable by positioning your mouse cursor over the MaxBid button and will be available even if a bidder isn’t winning. The hover hint states:


“Congratulations! You’re currently the winning bidder on this item. You can now enter a new Secret MaxBid value to protect your status.”


Add the Ability to Add a Bidder’s Street Address As the Auctioneer From Their Bidder Profile Page

By popular demand, we’ve given our auctioneers the ability to add a bidder’s street address to their bidder profile page! To amend a mistake in a previously entered address, the auctioneer can simply enter the correct address and it will be saved as the primary bidder address.

Updating Your Favicon

We’ve also updated how to replace your favicon on your SAE website. A favicon is a small image that appears in the left-hand corner of your webpage tab, shown below:


To update your favicon, simply save the image you’d like to use as an “.ico” file. This is a file format optimized for icons and is the only accepted file form for your favicon within the SAE platform. Once you have uploaded your new favicon within your Theme tab, you’ll need to hit “Cntl+r” to finalize the replacement. This will erase the old icon and replace it with the new icon.


In the event that the favicon does not update after completing the steps above, you may need to perform a cache clear. If you need assistance with this, contact SAE and we’ll help guide you through the process.

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