Version 1.0.4 Release Notes

Version 1.0.4 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.0.4 introduces a variety of new features and fixes to improve overall site performance.


Let’s take a look at what’s new!


Bidder Dashboard


For V. 1.0.4, we have enhanced the Bidder Dashboard by incorporating many of the new features that have recently been developed, such as the Watchlist and the Bidder Invoices page. The Bidder Dashboard has always served as a central hub of information for bidders, and now with these new features incorporated, bidders can manage their account and track their activity better than ever before.


To access the Bidder Dashboard, simply click on the user drop-down menu and click on the link “My Bidder Dashboard.”




In our last milestone, we developed a new Reports page where auctioneers can view and access a variety of helpful reports on their auctions. For V. 1.0.4, we have continued to add to the list of reports available.


The first new report is the Registered Bidders report. Auctioneers can now easily access a printer-friendly document that lists all of the registered bidders for a specific catalog. This informative report includes bidder names, usernames, email addresses, the date the bidder accepted the Terms & Conditions for the catalog, and more.


The second new report is the Bidder Balances report. This is particularly helpful to auctioneers who are attempting to collect payments on closed catalogs. The report lists the names, usernames, and email addresses of bidders who have an outstanding balance along with the invoice number and the total balance.


Access to these reports is available through the Reports module, located in the second column on the Catalog Manager. The Reports page includes descriptions of each report, as well as the option to either view, print, export, or download the report.


Email & Notifications


Auctioneers will now see a new email from us in their inboxes. Whenever a bidder asks a question on an item, the auctioneer will receive an email to make him or her aware of the new question. The email also provides the auctioneer with a link to easily post a response to the question.


We have also improved our notifications by ensuring that all auctioneer notifications are consistent and display the bidder username instead of the bidder’s full name. We have also disabled watchlist notifications for bids on new items. These notifications are unnecessary because when a bidder places a bid on an item, that item is automatically added to the bidder’s watchlist.


Manage Items


For V. 1.0.4, we have enhanced many of the pages that our bidders and auctioneers primarily use. The first of these updated pages is the Manage Items page, where auctioneers can view and manage all of the items within a specific catalog.


First, we have included additional information about the items, including the starting bid and the reserve amount. Next, we have added totals to the page. At the top of the Manage Items page, auctioneers will now see a Total Current Bids amount as well as a Total Reserve amount. This helps auctioneers to more easily evaluate the overall performance of their catalogs.


Finally, we have added the option to show more items on each page. Previously, the Manage Items page displayed 25 items per page. With this enhancements, auctioneers can apply bulk actions to up to 400 items at once, making the process of publishing items more efficient.


Catalog Manager


The Catalog Manager is an important page for auctioneers. This is where auctioneers view and edit catalog details. We have made two helpful enhancements to this page.


The first change is the implementation of quick links on the Items module in the second column. With these quick links, auctioneers can easily navigate to their draft items, published items, and more.


The second change is a complete update to the Media section in the first column. In this section, auctioneers can manage their catalog photos, documents, and videos. We have improved the overall design and layout of this section to make it more informative and easier to navigate. Furthermore, we have added an upload date to documents in this section. This is one step further in our complete Photo Manager redesign, coming in our next milestone, V. 1.1.0.


Catalog Detail page


The Catalog Detail page is one that both auctioneers and bidders frequently use. Changes that auctioneers make on the Catalog Manager show up on the Catalog Detail page. This is where bidders find the catalog description and a list of all of the items within the catalog.


Bidders will now see both a start and an end date displayed. This gives bidders a clear timeframe for bidding. Lot numbers have also been added to the items on this page, and bidders and auctioneers can even search by these lot numbers.


Lastly, auctioneers now have direct access to their list of registered bidders and the Manage Items page from this page. In the details at the top of the page, the number of items and the number of registered bidders are now links.


Display & Navigation


In addition to the above improvements, we’ve implemented many other changes to improve display and navigation. Take a look at some of those changes below:


  • The Manage Bids page now provides auctioneers with access to bidder information. Hover text has been added to quickly display bidder information, and each bidder username has been turned into a link to the bidder profile.
  • On the Manage Winners page, there is an Actions column with many options listed. We have added a link to the Manage Invoices page for each item to make it easier to toggle between the two pages.
  • Each bidder has a page that displays his or her approved catalogs. We have added breadcrumbs to this page to make it easier for users to navigate to and from this page.




For anyone who has had difficulty confirming an email address after creating a new account, we have made every effort to improve and simplify this process. New users will now see a large and clear section at the top of the site with instructions on how to confirm an email address, complete with the options to resend the confirmation email, try an alternate address, or contact support.


In addition to the above change, we’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.0.4! Some new solutions for bidders include How Tos such as “How to remove and add items to my Watchlist” and “How to manage my invoices.” Some new solutions for auctioneers include How Tos such as “How to refund a payment,” “How to connect my PayPal account,” and “How to customize a multi-instancing site.”


The Support Portal continues to grow and serves as a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about our product!


Finally, we have added many new videos to our YouTube channel. These videos were created as visual How Tos on a variety of topics, such as “How to place a bid,” “How to create an auction,” “How to bulk import items,” and more. Check out our YouTube channel today:




Security is one area that we are always looking to improve. For V. 1.0.4, we have restricted guest access to bidder profiles. Guests can now see a bidder’s username and the number of bids placed, but nothing else.


Furthermore, we have added a security notation to the page that auctioneers use to connect their Paypal accounts to their auction house. This notation serves to let auctioneers know that their information is safe. After all, we do not store or view any bank account or password credentials, and any third party or Payment Gateway connection with us is read-only. This means it can’t be used to move money into or out of bank accounts.

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