Top 5 Upcoming Features in Version 2.2

Sharp Auction Engine’s version 2.2 update is just around the corner, bringing with it more options and powers of customization than ever before. While the update brings plenty of minor to mid-size feature enhancements and additions, these are the Top 5 most exciting, empowering things to look forward to.

Let’s take a look.


1.) Clerk on the Fly®

Kick-starting SAE’s foray into the world of auction live clerking is the new Clerk on the Fly® feature, which will allow auctioneers to edit lots on the go and place bids on behalf of floor bidders. As of this release Clerk on the Fly® is still a beta-mode release, missing some features and functionality that will be present in the final version.

From any standard catalog item page, you can now easily add or edit items as well as their lot numbers as they are brought out onto the floor (or have them pre-loaded), and place bids on behalf of selected bidders (usernames or paddle numbers). Clicking the new fighter jet icon next to every item will now reveal a new drop-down module that displays the current bid, the next minimum bid, and fields for the clerk to enter new bids and select users.

While Clerk on the Fly® is mainly intended as a clerking component of a live auction, it can also be used to quickly and easily fix mistaken bids in any of your auctions, including online. While Clerk on the Fly® is still considered to be in beta mode, we look forward to making whatever additions and changes needed based on feedback from users. With your help, we intend to have the best live clerking software on the market.


2.) Expanded Editing Control of Bidder Details

Getting your bidders properly registered and ready to bid is now easier than ever, with full editing control now granted for nearly every field of a registered bidder’s profile. Before, delays and headaches would sometimes arise with sorting out errors or outdated info on bidders’ profiles, but now auctioneers can correct almost every bit of info for a bidder with a single click.

From any bidder’s profile, simply hover over the desired field and click the highlighted text to edit it.

The fields that can be edited at any time include:

Bidder Username

First Name

Last Name

Email Verified Status

Email Address

Phone Number

Fax Number

Tax Exemption Status

Allow/Block List Status

Preferred Paddle ID

Private Notes


3.) Custom Email and Notification Preferences

No one wants to get bogged down with an avalanche of information! In the past, some bidders complained that they were receiving too many emails, and on too many topics. Now auctioneers can listen to feedback from the bidders and adjust the types of emails and notifications that are sent out according to their own needs. In addition, individual users (auctioneers, clerks, and bidders alike) can select what types of emails and notifications they personally receive, making it easy to ensure that no one gets annoyed by the rate of communications, while still staying in the know on the things that matter to them.

At the global level, the auctioneer can enable or disable notifications ranging from bidder request approvals to highest bidder notifications and everything in between, while bidders are given a similar (although not quite as comprehensive) set of personal options. Any emails or notifications that the auctioneer has disabled on the global level will, quite naturally, not appear as options for the individual bidders.


4.) Custom Dynamic Bid Increments

Auctioneers now have full control over their dynamic bid increments! While auctioneers have always been able to set their own static increments, they were previously required to use SAE’s pre-set “chart” increments if they wished to utilize a dynamic, sliding increment logic that increased as bids went up. While this may have been sufficient for many scenarios, it did somewhat limit the customizability of auctions, and several users requested more power over this feature.

Well, now they have it. Auctioneers can now easily build their own dynamic bid chart, easily deleting and replacing rows (or completely starting over) with a single click! Set as many rows as you want, simply specifying at what value the inserted increment (currency or percentage) triggers. This will ensure that everyone has his or her auctions play out exactly how they want them to.


5.) Video Embedding Directly into Listings

It’s now easier than ever to bring your listings to life and paint the picture for your bidders, with easy HTML5 embedding enabled at new locations within your listings! This flexibility allows for greater powers of display, with illustrative media presented to bidders as soon as they begin viewing a listing, instead of constraining it to the separate video tab that was previously available. This can be particularly effective for real estate (aerial drone or walkthrough videos), automobiles (listen to that engine!), or any other listing that would greatly benefit from video.

Two new fields under the “Advanced Media” module of a catalog or listing’s Management page allow simple copy and pasting of embed codes, along with standard HTML adjustments such as player size, auto-play settings, etc. Video and other HTML5 elements can be inserted either at the top of the catalog, above where lots are displayed, as well as in the right side-bar, directly beneath the countdown timer.




Test drive the new features yourself. Sharp Auction Engine offers a free 30-day trial.



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