Coming Soon: Clerk on the Fly®

Sharp Auction Engine is preparing to enter the world of live clerking with our next update. Our team has finished initial development on an exciting new feature to expand your auction capabilities: Clerk on the Fly®!

The Clerk on the Fly® menu will be a simple, easily-accessible menu from every catalog or listing’s Item Management page. Simply click the new fighter-jet icon next to each item to open the interface. You or your clerking assistant will be able to quickly accept floor bids in auctions, bringing the ease and convenience of SAE’s cataloging, invoicing, messaging, pre-bid, and accounting features from the online world to your live events.The feature ties in with our new paddle number system, allowing you to either assign numbers based on physical paddle numbers, or create and use usernames on behalf of your bidders. Quick edits allow you to adjust lot names and numbers as needed on the go.

Clerk on the Fly® live clerking software will be available as of our upcoming v 2.2 update, scheduled for April 15. If you wish to participate in beta testing, please email us at, and we will enable your capabilities.

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