Version 2.1 Release Notes

Version 2.1 Release Notes

With SAE V. 2.1, it’s easier than ever to get seen by the world! Our new integrated syndication processes make it quick and simple to spread awareness of your auctions.

SAE V. 2.1 also introduces exciting new options for bidder display and more, giving you more control of your auctions and business operations than ever before.

Let’s take a look at what’s new.


We’re excited to announce official partnerships with Global Auction GuideAuctionGuy, andAuctionLook! All of these established syndication services are extremely effective at getting auctions in front of relevant bidders. In addition to this, we are happy to announce the launch of, which will also syndicate your auctions!

Now, so long as you have the function enabled for your house, your auctions will automatically post to all of these sites in addition to your SAE site when you create them. This ensures that your auctions get seen by as many people as possible!

Syndication to each of these services can be individually controlled under the Marketing tab of your Auctioneer Dashboard. Please note that syndications to BirdDog and AuctionGuy are free and active by default (unless manually disabled), and require no initial setup on the part of the auctioneer. Syndication to AuctionLook and Global Auction Guide will require some small initial setup and registration with those services.
Global Auction Guide –

AuctionLook –

AuctionGuy –

BirdDog –


Paddle Numbers

Our new paddle number system lets you replace bidder usernames with auto-generated numbers, allowing for more fair and competitive bidding! This has been a much-requested feature for some time, as some auctioneers have found that revealing the username of a well-known bidder could discourage others from competing.

Paddle numbers can be utilized on any auction by selecting the option under the “Paddle Display Mode” section of the “Bidding Rules” module from a catalog’s management page. Auctioneers have the ability to choose what number to start at, and the system will incrementally issue anonymous numbers to bidders as they register for the given catalog or listing.

In addition to fostering more active bidding, paddle numbers allow auctioneers to hide bidders’ personal details, should this be a concern they wish to address.

Buy It Now Updates

The Buy It Now feature can now be displayed on TBA and Upcoming listings. Additionally, when a Buy It Now price is set, if the bidding exceeds that amount, the Buy It Now feature is automatically deactivated and hidden for that item. This allows for the benefit of catering to buyers who do not want to deal with the waiting and uncertainty involved with bidding, while not sacrificing the potential of greater returns on an item, should bidding naturally surpass the pre-set BIN price.

If bid is below BIN amount, the BIN option is shown.

If bid is equal to BIN amount, the BIN option is shown.

If bid is above the BIN amount, the BIN option is hidden.

Users attempting to use the Buy It Now function must still be approved as bidders according to catalog rules, as well as accept the Terms & Conditions both on the House and Catalog (or Listing) level.

Please note that the Buy It Now feature must be enabled on the Advanced tab of your Auctioneer Dashboard before it can be used.

Flexible Buyer Premium

Auctioneers now have the option of adding custom display text for their Buyer’s Premium. A new “Buyer’s Premium Custom Text” field has been added to the Listing Manager that displays unique instructions pertaining to the buyer’s premium for the item. Whatever is entered into this field is displayed where the actual buyer’s premium would usually be displayed. The auctioneer is then able to edit the Buyer’s Premium field on the invoice.

This addition allows for greater flexibility in displaying more complex Buyer’s Premium rules, such as situational rules: “If A, then B. If not A, then C.,” etc. The text entered in the custom field will display in place of the amount entered in the actual Buyer’s Premium field. Invoices will still be generated with the amount inserted in the Buyer’s Premium field, yet will still have the ability to be edited on an individual bases.

Tax Exemption Status

Auctioneers now have the ability to notate specific bidders as tax exempt. When invoices are generated, these bidders will not be charged tax. This is another much-requested feature that gives auctioneers one more level of control over their operations.

To change a bidder’s tax exemption status, navigate to the Bidders tab of your Auctioneer Dashboard. Under the new “Tax Exempt” column, you can click next to the desired bidder’s name and change the setting from ‘No’ to ‘Yes,’ and vice versa.

Custom Invoice Charges

We have added a new button to invoices that allow you to enter a custom charge for a bidder. This grants a greater degree of flexibility for auctioneers to ensure that the invoicing system can handle any payment situation that might arise.

From the Edit page of any invoice, simply click the blue button on the left hand side that reads “Click here to add a custom invoice charge.” You can enter a name and edit the cost and quantity of this custom charge, as well as add a description of what the charge is for. This amount will then be added as a line-item in the invoice.

Bulk Invoice Management

Auctioneers can now download all invoices as a single PDF. This has been a much requested feature that allows for simultaneous printing of all invoices for an auction at once, which many users found to be a necessity for larger events with many bidders. From the invoice management page on a given catalog, simply press the green “Download all invoices” button.

Additionally, bulk actions for invoices, such as deleting invoices, sending invoices, and charging cards on file, now each generate itemized confirmation modals that show green checkmarks or red error messages.

Failed Payments Support

In the event that a bidder’s payment method fails, the system now provides more information as to why. You will now receive an additional message such as “Card declined.” This information is pulled directly from the internal operations of the payment processor.

If you still need additional information, we have also made it easier to confirm details within Stripe by adding a new link to the Manage Invoices page that prompts you to “Visit your Stripe Dashboard for additional verification and payment details.” This is located on both global and catalog/listing-level invoice managers.

“Back to Top” Button

A new dynamic button has been added that allows users to return to the top of the page they are viewing with just a click. The button appears as a small blue field with a “^” arrow in the lower right hand corner of a user’s screen whenever they have scrolled down from the top of the page they are on. Clicking the button quickly returns the user to the top of the page. When scrolled to the top, the button is hidden, but it becomes visible at all other times. This is a minor convenience feature that can make navigating lengthy pages easier.

Please note that the button appears both on the bidder-facing pages of your house, as well as on your management pages.

Verifying Bidder Email Addresses

Auctioneers now have the administrative ability to manually mark a bidder’s email address as verified. In the past, we have received feedback that some bidders occasionally have difficulty with verifying their email address in order to participate in auctions.

Now auctioneers can remedy this occurrence by simply clicking the bidder in question’s username from the Bidders tab (global or catalog-level), and then hovering over the word in the “Email Verified” section. Clicking the word there will allow you to set it to either Yes or No. Please be aware that this is different than the “Registration Step” section above it, which refers to whether or not they have fully completed their bidder profile information, such as physical address, etc.

Display & Navigation

Each new release comes with countless updates to improve overall display and navigation. We’ve already covered many of the most significant updates, but continue reading for a look at some of the smaller updates that V. 2.1 brings:

  • We have added accepted filetypes text near the House Profile image photo upload – There is text now on the Profile tab in House Settings that advises which file types are allowed: gif, jpeg, jpg, and png.
  • The “Manage my house” button that was once on the Auctioneer Dashboard has been removed. This button had become redundant after the full Auctioneer Dashboard navigation tabs were added to the initial House Settings page.
  • The “Catalog Summary” report has been renamed to “Auction Detail.” A different report called “Auction Summary,” which gives a different set of information, already exists, and so some people found the similarity in the wording “Catalog Summary” confusing. The Auction Detail report is an itemized report that provides detailed information for each item in your listing, including the current bid, highest bidder, and status (a.k.a. Clerking Summary). The Auction Summary report provides the basic totals for your listing, including the hammer bid totals and grand totals (with buyer’s premium and sales tax) for all items.
  • The first and last names of bidders are now shown on all Bids and Bidders pages, making it easier to identify particular bidders quickly without having to know their username first.
  • We have added a “pending” win status on bidders’ “Items I’ve Won” page for items that they have been declared the winner of, but have not yet received an invoice for. Once the invoice has been sent to the bidder, the “pending” status disappears. If an invoice is generated but not sent, the status will remain pending. Once sent, the “pending” section will instead display the invoice number.


Have you checked out the newly updated Support page on the SAE website? If you ever need help, there is a number of resources available for you, including video tutorials, an online handbook, and many FAQs and How-To guides.

You can visit our support page by going to and clicking on the Support tab. This page is a centralized resource with helpful links to all available resources.

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