Paint the Picture with Multimedia

Paint the Picture with Multimedia

Multimedia has been shown time and again to dramatically boost user engagement and drive online sales. In the virtual marketplace of today video and audio marketing has gone from a supplementary boost to an almost indispensable method of staying abreast of (and above) the competition.

That’s why we at Sharp Auction Engine have made it easy for you to implement HTML5 multimedia like video and audio clips to your auction house, allowing you to bring your listings to life and drive bidder engagement. Since the tools are already there and the benefits are known, why wouldn’t you want to get started creating multimedia content to enhance your auction listings?

In case you’re not already sold, let’s go over a few reasons why adding video or other multimedia should be high on your priority list:


1. Multimedia makes an emotional connection

And an emotional connection makes people feel drawn to an item. It may seem like a trite observation, but it’s true, and it makes a difference. Studies have shown that shoppers who viewed video for an item were
174% more likely to purchase that item than people who had not viewed video (

In fact, as many as one quarter of users have been shown to lose interest in an item that does not have a video associated with it. Establishing that personal connection is clearly vital. While a static picture may convey what the item is and provide the raw bones information your bidders may need to know, a relevant video about the item will make them feel as if they really know the item, which in turn makes them far more likely to feel comfortable bidding on it.

According to a study conducted by one Australian real estate agency, listings that had a video associated with them received 403% more inquiries than those that did not ( This is no coincidence. Video is clearly a huge benefit for any listing you might have, but particularly so in instances of property and real estate sales, where a quick aerial drone video or even a land-based tour will impart a sense of context and comprehensiveness that mere pictures would fail to convey.

But that’s not the only thing…


2. Multimedia boosts your Search Engine Optimization

By a lot. Search engines use certain algorithms to determine how high up in their results web pages should be, and integrating video and other multimedia into your site serves to greatly prioritize you within that algorithm. Any “interactive” content (such as embedded video or audio) present on a web page makes it highly favorable over non-interactive web pages.

Studies have shown that the addition of video to a web page makes it 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of Google results ( This is a number that is hard to ignore. The mere presence of multimedia on your site automatically puts you ahead of the game, regardless of what the content of that media even is.

But it goes further than that. Multimedia engages viewers and makes them stay on your page longer (88% of unique page visits are extended by the presence of video). These longer visitor durations also boost your site’s ranking even further in search engine algorithms, thus making multimedia doubly beneficial in terms of SEO enhancement.



3. Multimedia increases your online presence

Assuming that you host your videos on a platform like YouTube or Vimeo before embedding them in your auction house, you’ve already doubled your brand’s online presence right from the start. With your company’s name and keywords listed in an additional site’s index, potential bidders now have a whole new way of finding your company.

YouTube receives over 4 billion page views daily, and that number is only getting bigger with time. With such a huge potential audience, you’d be crazy not to take advantage. Video marketing has been shown to direct up to 46% of viewers either back to a company’s website or to seek more info on a product ( Maximize your traffic by adding a link that ushers viewers back to your own site in the descriptions of your videos as well as in your channel’s homepage, and reap the benefits of your expanded online presence.



The Takeaway



The above points are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to multimedia benefits. Experience the full advantages for yourself when you enhance your auctions with simple video or audio highlights and bring your listings to life for your bidders.

If you’d like to give it a shot contact us at to have HTML5 embedding enabled for your auction house. We’d love to hear your feedback on how you’ve used multimedia in your auctions and what your experience with its results have been, so either leave a comment below or email us today!




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