Version 1.1.6 Release Notes

Version 1.1.6 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.1.6 brings some exciting new features for auctioneers, particularly for real estate auctioneers. With our new Users tab, auctioneers can now add sellers to their auction house, and these sellers can submit “For Sale” real estate listings! Additionally, auctioneers can use the new Users tab as a centralized location to manage all users (auctioneers, sellers, and clerks) for their auction house, including adding and removing users and specifying exactly who should receive auction house emails.


Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Users Tab


You asked for it, and we delivered! After receiving requests from auctioneers for the ability to send auction house emails to multiple users and for the ability to add sellers, we have a developed a new centralized location where you can view and manage users linked to your auction house.


There are currently three different types of users for Sharp Auction Engine: auctioneers, sellers, and clerks. An auctioneer has full access to the auction house permissions. This includes the ability to create, publish, and edit catalogs, manage bidders, declare winners, and all other auction house privileges.


In contrast, sellers have a unique and limited set of permissions. Sellers, which may be real estate agents, brokers, or property owners, are allowed to create new auction catalogs and items, but they are not allowed to publish these catalogs or items. The auction catalogs and items can only be published by the actual auctioneer. So while the seller can ready your catalog for you, you must sign in to your auctioneer account to review and publish it.


Furthermore, the seller is not allowed to access the House Settings or additional auction house features such as invoices, messages, and notifications.


The primary function of sellers is to add “For Sale” real estate listings, which is a brand new feature that will be discussed in detail in the next section.


Clerks, the third and final type of SAE user, can receive auction house correspondence, such as emails, but they do not have access to other auction house features nor do they have the ability to create or edit catalogs or items at this time. We will be reviewing and enhancing clerk permissions in our upcoming releases.


To access the new Users tab, simply visit your House Settings and click on the tab titled “Users.” Please keep in mind that in order for someone to be added as an seller or a clerk, he or she must have an SAE user account. You will use that person’s username to add him or her as a user.


“For Sale” Real Estate Listings


To accompany our new ability to add sellers to an auction house, we have implemented a new listings feature. You can now add “For Sale” real estate listings!


Whenever you create a new catalog, there is an option for “Auction Method” in the “Basic Details” module on the Catalog Manager. This is where you would previously select whether the auction was “Online Only,” “On-site Event,” or “Online + On-site Event.” There is now a fourth option: “No Auction.”


This new option denotes a “For Sale” real estate listing. This is to be used for a property that is not up for auction, but instead is for sale. It is intended to be used by sellers to allow them to post property listings. Approved sellers are allowed to create, edit, and publish “For Sale” real estate listings.


These listings are very different than auction catalogs, so when the new auction method is selected, both the Catalog Manager and the Item Manager automatically update to show only applicable fields. Auction-specific fields such as Bidding Rules are hidden, and additional fields such as “List Price” and “Agent Details” become available.


What the bidder, or in this case the buyer, sees is much different as well. We have updated our Item Detail pages to properly showcase the “For Sale” listing, removing auction-specific fields and highlighting the auction method, list price, and agent details. This will eliminate any confusion bidders and buyers may have in distinguishing auctions from “For Sale” listings.


With this new feature, you can now display all of your real estate listings, whether they are for auction or for sale, right on your website using SAE!


Look for even more updates to the types of listings available from SAE in our next release, SAE V. 1.1.7.


Latitude and Longitude


We understand that real estate auctioneers sometimes need to auction off “raw” property that may not have an address yet, and sometimes even if it does have an address, Google Maps is not always able to accurately pinpoint the correct location of the property. With our new Latitude and Longitude feature, this isn’t a problem!


You now have the option to enter either a physical address or the latitude and longitude for a property, and the location will display on a map under the Map & Preview tab on the catalog and item!


When you go to add a new address, you will see a new section titled “Advanced Options” – this is where you will enter the latitude and longitude for the property.


Please note that while there is an option to enter an embed code (which can be obtained from Google Maps or another map provider like Apple or Bing), this field is entirely optional. Additionally, maps are currently only displayed for items with previews.




In addition to having auction house emails sent to multiple recipients, another request we have received from auctioneers is for an email to be generated whenever a new bidder registers for a catalog. For V. 1.1.6, we have implemented this new feature! This means that whenever a new bidder registers for one of your catalogs, we will notify you via email. Right from that email, you can simply click a button to view and manage all of your bidders for that catalog!


We didn’t want to leave our bidders out, though, so we have implemented a new email for those users, as well. Now whenever a bidder registers for an upcoming catalog, we automatically send them emails to notify them when that catalog goes live.


Finally, we have also updated many other emails with a focus on clarity and ensuring a call to action!




For each new release, we are always working to improve our software with enhancements to our overall design and interface. V. 1.1.6 is no exception. The following are just a few of the changes we made for this new release:


  • By request, a new “Court Ordered” category has been added.


  • In the past, we adjusted our tables to ensure that they work properly on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. For V. 1.1.6, we revisited these tables and increased their vertical size to eliminate the need for scrolling on larger devices like desktop and laptop computers.


  • We have updated the way that payment comments are displayed. For easier access, memo comments are now displayed directly below the payment itself, while private comments are still displayed at the bottom of the invoice, now in a collapsed section that expands when clicked.


  • Finally, we have updated the icons for “Current” and “Past” auctions for the homepage tabs.




In addition to the above changes, we’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.1.6.


Whether you are an auctioneer or a bidder, the SAE Support Portal is a great resource for learning more about our product and finding answers to your questions. Just visit to get started!

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