Version 1.1.5 Release Notes

Version 1.1.5 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.1.5 brings new enhancements to the exciting new features we introduced with 1.1.4, specifically our new pricing plans. In addition to those enhancements, we have also introduced a new Bid Qualifications feature and many other improvements to the overall design and functionality of Sharp Auction Engine.


Let’s take a look at what’s new.


Automated Payment Integration


In case you missed it, SAE now offers three new pricing plans for auctioneers. With our Cadet, Captain, and Colonel plans, you can now choose a plan that works for your specific needs and budgets. For more information on these plans and to sign up today, head over to the SAE website.


For V. 1.1.5, we are happy to introduce a new automated payment integration with Stripe, a company that over the past five years has grown from a small startup to an international leader in its field, used by over thirteen thousand companies in fourteen different countries. Stripe has proven to be an innovative and reliable way for businesses to accept payments over the Internet.


What exactly does this mean for SAE auctioneers? It means less hassle and less work. With our Stripe integration, you can now add your billing information online, and your monthly plan charges will be automatically drafted. It means that when you sign up as an auctioneer with SAE, you can enter your billing information up front, getting you one step closer to conducting your first timed online auction.


With Stripe’s highly developed storage infrastructure and encryption methods, you can rest assured that no one has access to your information, but for any auctioneers who are not comfortable providing billing information up front, this section of the signup process remains optional. Manual invoice billing will remain available by request.


In addition to the updated auctioneer signup process, you will now notice a new option in your House Settings to update billing information. Visit your Account tab to view your plan information, including your next billing date, and you will now see a new button that says “Update my payment method.” Clicking this button allows you to easily review and edit your current payment method.


Bid Qualifications


By request, we have implemented a new Bid Qualifications feature. We understand that with some auctions, particularly real estate and other high-dollar auctions, bidders must meet additional qualifications prior to being approved to bid. This might be a credit card advance or deposit to ensure the bidder has real intentions and has the funds to purchase the property.


To facilitate the process of pre-qualifying bidders, we have added a new option to our Catalog Manager. Now when you create a new catalog, in the Bidding Rules section you will see the option to enter Bid Qualifications. In this section, you can list the specific qualifications that must be met, and these details will be displayed on the catalog and item.


If you do not wish to display Bid Qualifications, simply leave the section blank, and it will not be displayed.


Auction Tabs


Auction tabs are a simple but important new feature. Two new tabs, “Current Auctions” and “Past Auctions,” have been added to auction homepages. This new feature is intended to act as a signpost for bidders, allowing them to easily tell whether they are viewing current or past auctions.


Auction Method Filtering


Another simple but important feature is the new option to filter by auction method. We previously implemented a change to allow auctioneers to add live auctions to their websites. You can now designate each auction as Online Only, On-site Event, or Online + On-site Event, depending on how bids will be accepted.


For 1.1.5, we have added an option to filter by these three different auction methods. If a bidders wishes to see only auctions that they can bid in online, they can simply select Online Only, and only those auctions will be displayed.


This is just another improvement to make bidding even easier.


Photo Manager – Dynamic Updates


Also by request, we have implemented a helpful change to the Photo Manager. We have enabled dynamic updates to the Photo Manager so that when you assign a photo to an item, that item automatically updates to display the item name (and lot number) of the item it was assigned to. This makes the process of assigning photos even easier.




For each new release, we are always working to improve our software with enhancements to our overall design and interface. V. 1.1.5 is no exception. The following are just a few of the changes we made for this new release:


  • We have enabled additional options for the WYSIWYG text editors under the Theme tab to give auctioneers more control over how their auction homepage and custom HTML pages look.


  • On the Catalog Detail and Item Detail pages, we have replaced text links with buttons to make it easier for bidders to sign in and accept Terms & Conditions, providing quicker access to start bidding.


  • We have adjusted our sorting for TBA (To Be Announced) catalogs. All catalogs will now be displayed in chronological order, and since TBA catalogs do not have start or end dates, they are displayed after your current auctions.


  • Auctioneers will now see an update to the display of their catalogs in list view. We have made slight adjustments to improve the overall layout to keep the listings more uniform and visually appealing. We will continue this effort into our next release, V. 1.1.6.


  • On the Item Detail page, we have made a change so that the Bid History and Map & Preview sections do not appear if there is no information to display. This change makes the page cleaner and easier to navigate when no bids have been placed yet or when there is no location or preview entered for the item.




In addition to the above changes, we’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.1.5.


Whether you are an auctioneer or a bidder, the SAE Support Portal is a great resource for learning more about our product and finding answers to your questions. Just visit to get started!

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