Version 1.1.4 Release Notes

Version 1.1.4 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.1.4 is a game changer. With the addition of On-site Events and our new pricing plans, now is the time to choose SAE. Sign up and create your first catalog today!

Let’s take a look at what’s new.

New Pricing Plans

We are happy to release our new pricing plans for Sharp Auction Engine. These new plans offer something for everyone! Whether you run many auctions a month or just a few auctions a year, whether you require minimal support or would like virtual clerk assistance–we’ve got a plan for you.

Now when auctioneers sign up with us they will be asked to select a plan. Our three new plans are the Cadet, Captain, and Colonel plans. Each plan provides you with access to our innovative software with which you can conduct your own timed online auctions, but there are important differences between the different plans.

Our first plan, Cadet, allows auctioneers to have a customizable online profile where they can post their online and on-site auctions with all of the helpful cataloging tools we have available, including our Bulk Importing and Visitor Tracking features. However, if you would like to use a custom vanity domain to create a branded website with custom pages, you should choose our Captain plan, which comes with all of the features of the Cadet as well as our customer invoicing and search engine optimization tools. Furthermore, the Captain plan offers PayPal integration so you can create your timed online auctions and even accept payments all with our software. No outside programs are needed.

Our final plan, the Colonel, is an exclusive custom plan tailored to your needs. With the Colonel plan, you will automatically get all of the tools and features offered with the Cadet and Captain plans, but you will also get a custom-built website, virtual clerk assistance, advanced marketing support, and more! Contact us today to build your custom Colonel plan.

See below for more information on our new pricing plans and contact us at if you have any questions.


Cadet Captain Colonel
$49 per month

$99 per auction

$250 setup fee

$149 per month

$99 per auction

$250 setup fee

Contact for pricing
  • Customizable Online Profile
  • Bulk Item Importing
  • Visitor Tracking
  • Promote On-site/Live or Online Auctions
  • Customer Invoicing Tool
  • Integration with PayPal
  • Web Optimization Maximization (SEO)
  • Branded Website & Unlimited Custom Page
  • Custom Built Website
  • Virtual Clerk Assistant
  • Buy-It-Now Feature
  • Advanced Marketing Support and more…

Once you’re ready to sign up, just visit our website and create your online auction house!

Account Tab & Pricing Plan Integration

In addition to offering our new pricing plans, we have also made many changes to the software to accommodate these new plans. The first major change is the addition of an Account tab in your Auction House Settings. In the Account tab, you can review your current plan, upgrade your plan, and monitor your billing schedule.

Also available in the Account tab, if you are on the Captain or Colonel plan and wish to use a custom vanity domain (e.g., you can request a free SSL to ensure that your site is protected and secure.

Auction Methods & On-site Events

If our new pricing plans haven’t convinced you yet, then take a look at our latest feature. Auctioneers can now add their On-site Events to their sites in addition to their Online Only auctions. This is an important new feature for auctioneers because it allows you to post all of your auctions in one centralized location. Bidders can simply visit your site and bid in all of your online auctions as well as preview items available in your upcoming On-site Events.

Now when auctioneers create a new catalog, they will see an option on the Catalog Manager to select an auction method. There are three options: Online Only, On-site Event, and Online + On-site Event.

An Online Only catalog is a timed online auction. Bids are only accepted by online bidders. An On-site Event is the opposite. This represents “live” auctions in which bids are only accepted by bidders in person on-site. The third option, Online + On-site Event is a combination of the two. This method denotes an auction where bids are accepted online prior to a “live” on-site event.

Each auction method is prominently displayed on the catalog and item so that bidders know exactly what type of auction they are viewing. We have also added the Event Date and Location to items within an On-site Event. Finally, we have adjusted the sorting so that each catalog is sorted by start date. Bidders will now see catalogs in chronological order, similar to an auction calendar.

Required Bidder Information

By request, we have made a change that now requires bidders to provide a phone number when creating an account. Having this additional contact information already on file allows auctioneers to more easily approve bidders for online auctions.

Time Zone Indicator

For those auctioneers who travel often, we have implemented a new time zone indicator on the Catalog Manager. This new time zone indicator displays the detected time zone for upi, so that you are clear about the times that are being submitted for the catalog’s start and end times.

Improved Mobile Account Creation

In an attempt to further improve the mobile user experience, we have simplified the process of creating a new account on mobile. We have streamlined the process of confirming your email address to ensure that bidders can easily create a new account and bid right from their smartphones and tablets.

Enhanced Reports

SAE auctioneers have access to a number of helpful reports for each of their auctions, including a Registered Bidders Report and a Catalog Summary. These two reports in particular have been enhanced to provide even more information for auctioneers.

The Registered Bidders Report now displays bidders’ phone numbers and addresses so that auctioneers have easy access to contact their bidders if necessary, whether it be to answer questions about items or facilitate the pick-up of items.

The Catalog Summary now displays additional bid information for items, including the start value and reserve (when applicable) as well as high bidder information.

All reports are easily accessed via the Reports module on the bottom left side of the Catalog Manager.


For each new release, we are always working to improve our software with enhancements to our overall design and interface. V. 1.1.4 is no exception. The following are just a few of the changes we made for this new release:


  • We have added a new warning to our bidding process that lets bidders clearly know when they have entered a bid (or maxbid) below the Next Minimum Bid: “Your bid amount is below the minimum starting bid for this item. Please raise the amount in order to place a bid.”


  • We previously added a feature that allowed auctioneers to create custom header links to display on their auction profiles. For V. 1.1.4, we improved the overall display of the header links to make them more prominent, and we enabled these header links on mobile.


  • For the photo slider on your auction profile, we have made an adjustment that automatically removes the navigation buttons when there is only one image in the slider.


  • Under the Questions tab on the Item Detail page, we have added a hyperlink that provides quick access for users to sign in.


In addition to the above changes, we’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.1.4!

Whether you are an auctioneer or a bidder, the SAE Support Portal is a great resource for learning more about our product and finding answers to your questions. Just visit to get started!

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