Version 1.1.3 Release Notes

Version 1.1.3 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.1.3 introduces a variety of enhancements and fixes to improve overall performance. This period of development was one of growth and maintenance for SAE. As we debuted our software at auctioneer conventions, onboard new auctioneers, and trained new employees, we took the time to debug. We want to make sure that our software is always stable, secure, and up-to-date with the latest technology.


Let’s take a look at what’s new!


For V. 1.1.3, we are happy to introduce, your new destination for bidding in timed online auctions from Sharp Auction Engine. Night or day, users can simply type into their desktop, tablet, or mobile browsers to view and bid in auctions from our auctioneers.


Previously, this page could be accessed by visiting the url This url stills works and now redirects to, so there is no need to update any existing bookmarks or links.


Themes & Multi-instances


We love feedback from our users, and as we have onboarded new auctioneers, we have received additional requests for theming options for our multi-instances. For V. 1.1.3 we have implemented many of these requests.


First, auctioneers will now notice that the multi-instance header links are more prominent. We have enlarged the text and added a colored background to make these links easier to view and access. Additionally, auctioneers can now upload transparent png files for their multi-instance logos, and they can center all content, including videos, on custom pages.


“To Be Announced” Catalogs


Another new feature that we have implemented upon request is a “To Be Announced” catalog option. Auctioneers can now publish catalogs and items without a set start or end date. This is perfect for those auctioneers who wish to allow bidders to view future auctions that do not currently have a set start or end date, allowing more time for bidders to gain interest in the auction while it is being prepped and while the dates are being finalized.




We are always improving our software with enhancements to improve our design and usability. V. 1.1.3 is no exception. The following are just a few of the changes we made for this milestone:


  • Auctioneers can now retract bids from the Manage Items page. Previously, this option was only available on the Manage Bids page, but for easier access, we have added it to the Manage Items page, as well.


  • Bidders must sign in to bid on items. To make signing in even more accessible, we have converted existing links on the Catalog and Item Detail pages to buttons.


  • We have altered our validation rules for users’ names to allow for middle names and initials. For example, if an auctioneer goes by John W. or John Wesley, he can now enter this as his first name. Previously, no spaces or special characters were allowed for this field.



  • Currently, we have an Auctioneer Sign Up form online that allows auctioneers to easily create an auction house. We have enhanced this process to make it even easier for auctioneers to enter their Auctioneer Dashboards upon completion.


  • We have adjusted the text and warnings that appear when auctioneers publish catalogs to make sure that the messages are clear and understandable.




Keeping our users secure is always a priority for us at SAE. For V. 1.1.3, we implemented new SSLs to ensure that all data and user information is private and protected.




In addition to the above changes, we’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.1.3!


Auctioneers should check out our new How Tos on editing invoicesunderstanding shipping settingscreating custom pagescropping photos, and enabling the Buy It Now feature.


Whether you are an auctioneer or a bidder, the SAE Support Portal is a great resource for learning more about our product and finding answers to your questions. Just visit to get started!


In addition to our Support Portal, we have added a new video to our YouTube Channel. Check out our new video on how to use the SAE Photo Manager.

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