Version 1.1.2 Release Notes

Version 1.1.2 Release Notes

A new release for a new year; happy 2015!


Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.1.2 introduces a variety of new features and fixes to improve overall site performance, most notably new features like Custom HTML pages, Buy It Now, and photo cropping.


Let’s take a look at what’s new!


Custom HTML Pages


SAE provides branded auction pages for our auctioneers, allowing them to conduct timed online auctions from their own websites. These branded auction pages integrate with the auctioneers’ existing websites or serve as stand-alone web pages. For V. 1.1.2, we have enhanced this aspect of our software with a new Custom HTML Pages feature.


Auctioneers can now create customized HTML web pages to go along with their branded auction pages. For example, if you wanted to add an “About Us” page or any other type of informational web page, you can easily create the page using the SAE auction software and connect it to your auction page. Together, these pages can create a comprehensive and fully functional website for your auction business.


This is particularly useful for those auctioneers who don’t have existing websites; there’s no longer a need to have an existing website thanks to this new feature. You can create a complete website with our software.


For those auctioneers who do have existing websites, this is still a very useful tool. If you decide that you need an additional page for your website, instead of having your web developers create a new page, you can easily do it yourself right with your SAE account.


Creating new pages is easy! Just go to the Theme tab in your Auction House Settings and you will see a module at the bottom left of the page titled “HTML Pages.” With our WYSIWYG editor, you have many different editing options for the new page, including adding photos and videos!


Buy It Now


By special request, we have now implemented a new Buy It Now feature! With this new feature, auctioneers can offer a Buy It Now option on selected items. Once enabled, auctioneers can set a specific Buy It Now price via the Item Manager. On the Item Detail page, registered bidders will then see a blue button that says “Buy It Now.” Clicking this button takes the bidder directly to an invoice where he or she can make a payment for the item. Until the item is paid for in full, bidding remains open.


If you are interested in offering a Buy It Now option on your items, please contact an SAE team member at for more information.


This is just another example of how SAE is highly adaptable to new changes. If there are any new features you would like to see, just let us know!


Photo Cropping


We recently overhauled our Photo Manager with a completely new design and loads of new features. Now for V. 1.1.2 we have snuck in one last feature: photo cropping! Auctioneers can now easily crop photos with our software, eliminating the need for additional photo editing applications.


Streamlined Publishing


For V. 1.1.2, we have streamlined our catalog and item publishing processes by eliminating unnecessary steps to make the processes as simple and efficient as possible.


Now whenever you wish to publish a catalog, instead of navigating to a separate page, a confirmation modal pops up on the same page you are already on. This applies not only to Publishing, but also to Deleting, Archiving, Closing, and Marking Ready Items and Catalogs!


This is a small but important change. Managing your catalogs and items has never been easier!


Additional Shipping Options


For auctioneers selling real estate, automobiles, and other items that cannot be shipped, we have added the option to hide all shipping details on an item.


Furthermore, we have added the option to add custom shipping instructions on items. If you choose to display shipping options on your item, you now have the ability to add customized text to the display, setting clear expectations for bidders.


Auctioneers will find both of these options in the Shipping module on the Item Manager.


Bulk Importing Templates


With our Bulk Importing feature, auctioneers can easily upload all of their items for a catalog with one easy-to-use spreadsheet, the Bulk Import Template. To make the Bulk Importing process even easier, we have updated the software to now include three different versions of the template. Depending on which type of program the auctioneer will be using to edit the spreadsheet, he or she can now download a Microsoft Excel (.xlsx), Microsoft Excel 97 (.xls), or a CSV (.csv) version of the template, ensuring compatibility no matter which program is used!


Mobile Responsiveness


We know how important it is for your auction software to be compatible with all devices, whether it be laptops, tablets, or smartphones. That’s why we are always working to ensure full responsiveness for our software on all devices. For V. 1.1.2, we have continued this work, with a specific focus on improving responsiveness for our navigation menu on smartphones.




In addition to the above changes, we’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.1.2! Whether you are an auctioneer or a bidder, the SAE Support Portal is a great resource for learning more about our product and finding answers to your questions. Just visit to get started!

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