Version 1.1.1 Release Notes

Version 1.1.1 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.1.1 introduces a variety of new features and fixes to improve overall site performance, most notably new layouts, themes, and customization options for multi-instance sites and a streamlined and automated Auction House Registration process.


Let’s take a look at what’s new!


Multi-instance Customization


Sharp Auction Engine offers something unique for auctioneers. Auctioneers can conduct their own timed online auctions right from their own website domain. Furthermore, auctioneers can fully customize their auction page with a variety of customization options.


We’ve now taken that further with even more customization options! You can now set your default view to a grid or a list view, add a photo carousel, add header links, and even rearrange these new elements to your liking. All of these options are located under the Theme tab in the Auction House Settings.


First, let’s take a look at the exciting new photo carousel option. Auctioneers can select photos to showcase on their auction home page in a sliding carousel. This is a great way for auctioneers to draw attention to specific catalogs. For each slide, you have the option to add a photo, a caption, and a call-to-action button.


In addition to the photo carousel, auctioneers can now also add header links to their auction pages. We previously implemented footer links, but we found that auctioneers also need the option to have navigation links displayed at the top of their auction home pages. This allows for a more seamless integration with the auctioneer’s existing website, and it makes it easier to navigate to and from other pages that already exist.


These two new options, along with the logo and the front page message, are now able to be rearranged on the page. There are three new positions: Top Section, Showcase Section, and Feature Section. Each element–the photo carousel, logo, front page message, and header links–can be assigned to whichever position you want to display them in.


Single Item Catalog View


We’ve found that many auctioneers, particularly those that deal primarily with real estate or automobiles, often have catalogs with only one item. We wanted to optimize our software for those types of auctions, so we have made some great new changes.


Auctioneers will now see an option on the Catalog Manager to mark the catalog as a single item catalog if there is only one item. When this option is selected, bidders who click on the catalog will be directed automatically to the Item Detail page. The Catalog Detail page will be skipped altogether to make bidding easier and more straightforward.


We have redesigned the Item Detail page for single item catalogs, as well. All of the additional information that was previously displayed only on the Catalog Detail page has been incorporated into the Item Detail page.


Finally, if you end up adding a second item to that catalog, don’t worry! Our system will automatically detect that change and will convert the catalog to a multi-item view.


These changes make SAE the perfect online auction software for everyone wishing to conduct their own real estate or automobile auctions!


Auction House Registration


One of our primary focuses for V. 1.1.1 was streamlining the auction house registration process. With these changes, auctioneers can easily sign up and immediately start building their first catalogs.


Signing up is easy (and free)! Our newly redesigned auction house registration form guides you step-by-step through the process. For those who are interested in becoming an SAE auctioneer, but who aren’t quite ready to sign up, you can now request a demo, watch an introductory video, or browse our support articles for more information on our product.


With the many unique and comprehensive tools we offer, you don’t want to wait to sign up! Join the SAE family today.


SSL Automation


Each auctioneer that signs up with SAE receives an SSL certificate for his or her auction page at no additional cost. In order to streamline the acquisition and installation of the SSL certificate, we have added an optional section to the Auctioneer Signup Form to automate the process. This eliminates an extra step and helps auctioneers get their first auctions up and running more quickly.


Display & Navigation


In addition to the many improvements already detailed, we’ve implemented many other changes to improve overall display and navigation. Take a look at some of those changes below:


  • Help text has been added to the Bulk Importing page to assist auctioneers who are downloading the Bulk Import Template.
  • The Item Manager now displays the item’s featured photo in the status module, located in the top right corner of the page.
  • When bidders make payments on invoices, the modal now auto-populates with the amount due, making it clear how much is owed and making it easier than ever for bidders to make payments.
  • On the Catalog Manager, when an auctioneer clicks to add a new address, a new tab will open making it easier to continue completing the catalog’s details.
  • We have updated the display for items with no winner. Now, on the Item Detail page, it will clearly show that the item was declared with no winner.




In addition to the above changes, we’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.1.1! Whether you are an auctioneer or a bidder, the SAE Support Portal is a great resource for learning more about our product and finding answers to your questions.

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