Version 1.0.3 Release Notes

Version 1.0.3 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.0.3 introduces a variety of new features and fixes to improve overall site performance.


Let’s take a look at what’s new!




We’re excited to announce that we have implemented a new Watchlist feature! Now, If you’re interested in an item–but not quite sure if you want to place a bid yet–you can add it to your Watchlist where you can monitor bid activity and revisit the item to place bids.


Here’s how it works! You’ll notice that in the user drop-down menu, there is now a link to “My Watchlist.” You can click on this link or click the gavel icon to navigate to your Watchlist. On this page, you will find a list of all of the items you are currently watching. Each item on this page has various information listed to make it easy to monitor the item at-a-glance, including the item name and photo, bid information, and the auction end date.


Adding items to your watchlist is easy! Whether you are on the Catalog Detail page, the Item Detail page, or your Watchlist, you’ll notice that each item has a star icon by the item name. Clicking on that star adds the item to your Watchlist. If the star is filled in it means that the item is already on your Watchlist, so clicking on that filled in star removes the item from your Watchlist. For both actions, a confirmation alert will pop up at the top of the screen. The alert includes a link to your Watchlist for quick access. Furthermore, items that you bid on are automatically added to your Watchlist!


This new page works in tandem with the already existing Current Bids page. A button has been added to both pages to allow you to easily toggle between the two pages. This has been added for when you wish to only view items that you have bid on.


The new Watchlist is also beneficial to auctioneers! Providing bidders with the ability to watch items allows them easier access to bid on those items. Additionally, auctioneers are notified whenever an item is added to a bidder’s Watchlist. This lets the auctioneer know which items are generating the most attention.




In addition to the new Watchlist, another helpful page that has been implemented for V. 1.0.3 is the Reports page. On the Catalog Manager, auctioneers will now see a link to the Reports page in the Reports module at the bottom of the right column. The Reports page displays all of the reports available for that Catalog, including the Catalog Summary Report and the Payments Report. These reports will open in a new window in a printer-friendly format and are available for pdf download.


Bidder Invoices


The third(!) new page that we have added is the Bidder Invoices page. This page lists all of a bidder’s invoices along with helpful information like the due date, balance, payment status, and a link to view the full invoice. This new page helps bidders easily manage their invoices and payments.


To access this page, bidders can click on the “My Invoices” link in the user drop-down menu. Additionally, quick access to this page from both the Items I’ve Won page and the Bidder Dashboard have been implemented.




A new feature we have added for V. 1.0.3 is the pre-bids feature. Prior to the start of the online auction, auctioneers often will display their upcoming catalog so that bidders can preview the items.


Now, when auctioneers set up their catalogs, they will see an option to allow pre-bids during the upcoming phase. This means that while the catalog is upcoming, or in “preview mode,” bidders will be able to place pre-bids on the items. Pre-bids are very similar to regular bids, but they are placed before the catalog actually goes live. We want bidders to be able to bid on items as soon as possible!


Bulk Importing


We previously added the ability to display the estimated values on items, and now we have incorporated this feature with our Bulk Importing process. Auctioneers will now see the estimated values fields on the Bulk Importing template, allowing them to easily update these values for many items at once!


Terms & Conditions


If we make any changes to our User Agreement or Privacy Policy, we want to make sure that all of our users are aware of the changes. Furthermore, we want to make sure that all of our users accept the changes.


With the changes that we have made for V. 1.0.3, any time changes to these terms are made, the next time you sign in you will see a modal pop up to notify you of the changes and verify that you have read and accepted the new terms.




At Sharp Auction Engine, we work with auctioneers to give them the ability to conduct their own timed online auctions from their own website. Setting up this new auction page and integrating it with an auctioneer’s existing website is something that we help with every step of the way. One important step in this process is securing the new page. To do this, we install an SSL.


For V. 1.0.3, we have refined and automated our SSL process, and we’re happy to announce that all new auctioneers will now receive an SSL automatically and at no additional charge.




You’re going to notice some great changes to the way that photos are displayed with Sharp Auction Engine. On both the Catalog Detail page and the Item Detail page, you’ll be able to see more detail of the items because the display of the photo has been improved to better work the original photo’s aspect ratio and size.


In addition to these pages, other pages like the Watchlist, Items I’ve Won, Item Manager, and Current Bids now display thumbnails of the items, allowing bidders and auctioneers to better recall the details of the item at-a-glance.


Finally, auctioneers will notice improvements to the Photo Manager. The photos now display the original filenames along with the option to sort by filename. Also, when assigning a photo to an item, the list of items is now sorted by lot number.


These changes are the just the beginning for a complete redesign of the Photo Manager, which will be released with the upcoming V. 1.1.0.


Display & Navigation


In addition to the improvements for photos, we’ve implemented some great changes to improve overall display and navigation! Take a look at some of those changes below:


  • Thanks to feedback from a bidder, we have now ensured that creating a new account returns you to whichever page (or item) you were previously on.
  • The display for items without photos has been improved to include an image that lets bidders know that photos are coming soon.
  • The modules on the Bidder Dashboard are now expandable and collapsible, improving the display and allowing bidders to view the modules most pertinent to their needs.
  • The lot numbers are now more prominently displayed on items throughout the site, particularly on the Item Manager and Item Detail page.
  • Before an auctioneer generates a new invoice, he or she must set a due date. We’ve made this process easier by adding an alert with help text to let an auctioneer know how to set the due date.
  • We’ve added a “Contact Auction Support” button to our message system to make it easier for users to contact support.




We’ve added a ton of new solutions to our Support Portal for V. 1.0.3! Some new solutions for bidders include FAQs such as “What are Estimated Values?,” “How Can I Find Out About Upcoming Auctions?,” and “What are Pre-bids?.” Some new solutions for auctioneers include How Tos such as “How to Add Estimated Values to an Item,” “How to Declare Winners for a Closed Catalog,” and “How to Generate and Send Invoices.”


The Support Portal continues to grow and serves a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about how to use our product!


Bug Fixes


Numerous bug fixes and improvements have been implemented site-wide for V. 1.0.3, with a focus on max bids and notifications.

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