Version 1.0.2 Release Notes

Version 1.0.2 Release Notes

Sharp Auction Engine V. 1.0.2 introduces a variety of new features and fixes to improve overall site performance.


Let’s take a look at what’s new!


Security (Permission System & Validation Management)


The biggest change for this milestone is one that users may not even notice. We replaced our permission system and changed systems for our validation management. These are significant changes that will improve our overall performance and security.


Invoices & Payments


We understand how important invoices and payments are to the online auction process, and we especially understand how important it is for these tools to always function correctly; that’s why we’ve continued to improve upon these tools in V. 1.0.2.


As you may be aware, Sharp Auction Engine provides auctioneers with built-in invoicing and payment systems. No additional software is needed; auctioneers can generate and send invoices as well as accept and manage payments all in one central location! To improve upon these features in V. 1.0.2, we have added two additional pages and a new report, as well as other enhancements.


First, we have added a Manage Payments page. This is a great resource for auctioneers to view and manage all of their payments on one page. We’ve made it easy to reach this page by adding a link to this page on the Manage Invoices page. Auctioneers can now quickly and easily toggle between the two.


On that same Manage Payments page, as well as on the Catalog Manager, you will notice a link to a new Payments Report. This report provides a summary of the payments you’ve received, including the payment amount, method, and date, in a simple and printer-friendly document.


In addition to this new page and report for auctioneers, we have also added a link for each closed catalog on the Auctioneer Dashboard to easily navigate to the Manage Invoices page.


Our improvements for invoices and payments extend to bidders, too; we have added a brand new page for bidders to manage their invoices! With their balances, due dates, and payment statuses all in one place, bidders can easily keep track of all of their invoices for the items they’ve won.


Auction House Settings


There are two exciting changes in this milestone that auctioneers should be aware of in regard to their Auction House Settings. First, we have implemented the option for auction houses to have multiple auctioneer accounts. If an auction house uses more than one auctioneer, each of those auctioneers can be linked to the auction house.


Second, auctioneers with Google Analytics accounts can now easily link their GA account to their multi-instancing page to track traffic and gather data. To link your GA account, simply go to the Theme tab in your Auction House Settings and you will see a new field where you can enter your GA UA Tracking ID. Not familiar with Google Analytics? Sign up online for free to begin collecting valuable insights and data on your web traffic:


Display & Navigation


For V. 1.0.2, we’ve implemented some great changes to improve overall display and navigation! Take a look at those changes below:


  • Users visiting the SAE auctions page will notice that the logo has been updated!
  • Auctioneers now have the option to publicly display estimated values for items. On the Item Detail page, items will display an estimated value range, showing a lowest estimated value and a highest estimated value.
  • Item thumbnails have been added to the Item Manager and Manage Bids pages to make it easier for auctioneers to identify items at a glance.
  • When an item receives a bid within the last three minutes, bidding is extended for an additional five minutes with our Dynamic Bid Extension feature. We have now added a “sticky” alert that will display whenever this happens so that bidders know they have more time to bid and so that they know why it was extended.
  • An additional confirmation has been added for when auctioneers close a catalog early to ensure that this is never done by mistake.
  • On the Photo Manager, every photo now displays the original filename. This way, auctioneers who have named their photos according to the lot number or item name can easily tell which item to assign the photo to.
  • We have improved the display of Facebook shares. This means that when auctioneers or bidders share an item or catalog on Facebook, the post displays more information in a better format.




We continued to add to our Support Portal for V. 1.0.2, adding new solutions such as How Tos and Frequently Asked Questions, and we have improved our security for the Support Portal by implementing a new SSL. The most significant change for Support, though, is that our customer support phone number has changed. Going forward, all customer support phone calls should go to (423) 243-5819. This number has been updated on our web site for easy access.


Bug Fixes


Numerous bug fixes and improvements have been implemented site-wide for V. 1.0.2, with a focus on permissions, invoices, and multi-instancing.

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