An open letter from our Founder

You worked hard to get your customers. You’ve met with them, evaluated their assets, prepared a proposal and signed contracts. They’re yours, and you shouldn’t have to worry about somebody taking your data and trying to pick them off. Of course, you want to get their assets sold for the highest possible price. That means you want them to look great online — preferably without putting endless hours of work into getting them loaded.

Both of these priorities were at the forefront in 2012 when I assembled a team of programmers and put them to work building a new auction engine. My primary business has been insurance and real estate development, but I’ve had a longtime passion for antiques and sell them at retail. That means I was spending a lot of time as a bidder on various auction platforms. To be blunt, I was unimpressed. They were difficult to use, and the cost of using them seemed to be higher than it needed to be. In short, I saw an opportunity and decided to act on it. Two years later, we rolled out Sharp Auction Engine.

Today, auctioneers all over the country are moving to our system. I attribute our growth to the bedrock principles that have guided us from the start.

Mobile First. More than half the traffic on the web is now driven by mobile devices, and any platform that isn’t fully responsive will lead to frustration and lost bidders. From the very beginning, our team has made the mobile experience a priority. And unlike some systems, it doesn’t require a separate smartphone app, because SAE is fully responsive, always rendering your auction beautifully regardless of the device.

Protection of Your Data. Your customer data remains secure in your own database — never combined with data from other auctioneers. And we will never share your data with another company without your express permission. It’s written right there in your contract!

Ease of Use. The less time you spend building your auction, the more time you have to pursue more business. SAE is designed to speed the work of creating highly customized auctions for any asset type.

Full Feature Set. Virtually every feature you can ask for is built into SAE, and we’re adding new ones all the time. While our early focus has been on online auctions, we are now in beta with clerking and simulcast for live auctions.

Low Cost. In any business, it’s important to control expenses. With prices beginning at $180 per month for an unlimited number of auctions, SAE can fit into the tightest budget. And that low price includes a fully integrated web site.

Focus on your brand. Unlike some auction platforms, ours won’t require that you share your URL — or the database — with anybody else. It’s hard to build your business when your own brand is diluted among those of competitors. With SAE, everything reflects your own brand. (I figure you would rather promote your brand, not mine!)

I hope you’ll give Sharp Auction Engine a look. And if you’re ready to grow your business while protecting your brand, your customers and your cash, give us a call at 256-261-3159.


Keith Sharp
President & CEO
Sharp Auction Engine, Inc

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